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Our Team


Alice, Financial CoordinatorAlice, Financial Coordinator

"It’s very gratifying to be providing a much-needed service. A patient’s total health and well-being can be directly connected to their dental health.

I love being part of such a close-knit group. When the patients notice this it puts them more at ease. We have had high-anxiety patients remark how our practice made them more relaxed than they’ve ever been at the dentist. I explain to them how dentistry has advanced so much in recent years, and that Dr. Rodriguez is very patient and gentle."

Alice's attention to detail and considerate, helpful manner has been an invaluable asset to our practice. She started in dentistry with Dr. Rodriguez in 1996. When she is not helping patients at our office, she loves spending time with her four wonderful grandchildren. They all enjoy reading, watching movies and trips to the beach! Alice also teaches a Wednesday night children's church class and enjoys various other church activities.


Amy, Patient Care CoordinatorAmy, Patient Care Coordinator

"What I enjoy most about our practice is getting to know our patients. Every day I get to meet and talk with some really fascinating folks! We serve a diverse population of patients who come from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences and I find that really interesting. Also, I lived in Mexico for seven years and so I especially enjoy getting to speak Spanish on a daily basis with so many of our patients."

Amy has served in the dental profession since 2008 when she joined our practice. She graduated from college in Pennsylvania and earned a masters degree while in Mexico in 2007. Over the years she has earned a reputation for accuracy and attention to detail, and her caring manner perfectly represents the philosophy of our practice. When she is not at the office, she can be found enjoying time with her husband, Zack; their dog, Ruby and their four chickens. Amy loves traveling – she and her husband have volunteered on a farm in Italy, biked and kayaked in Guatemala and climbed up to a castle in Slovenia. While in Asheville, she loves biking WNC’s twisty mountain roads, cooking and canning the vegetables from her garden and spending time with her family and friends.

Barbara, Dental HygienistBarbara, Dental Hygienist

"What I love about dentistry is how much more preventative it is today. Knowing how to take care of your mouth and make good decisions about oral health can make dentistry more fun and easy.

When patients are nervous about their dental visit, I tell them how brave they are to even be willing to come to the dentist. Once you come, we will help you enjoy a healthy mouth and encourage your efforts. I love it when a patient has pride in taking care of their bodies and mouths, like deciding to quit smoking, or to floss daily, or to try out a new brushing technique."

Barbara started in dentistry in 2009 after graduating with an Associate’s Degree in Hygiene from ABTech. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in environmental studies from Warren Wilson College. Her positive influence has been vital in helping our patients overcome their fear of the dentist. She spends her free time reading, cooking, or enjoying challenging outdoor activities such as rafting, hiking, and gardening.

Candace, Dental AssistantCandace, Dental Assistant

"I love being able to make people smile. It can be something as small as a filling, or maybe a bridge to replace a tooth, or dentures to replace several teeth. The end result is always worth it!

The people I work with make this practice really enjoyable. We all work so well together. When a patient is hesitant to come to the dentist, I try to remind them that sooner is better! Don’t wait until you are in so much pain you can’t stand it. If you are scared, I will gladly hold your hand during the procedure.

One young patient we had was very nervous about getting numb. Dr. R & I were able to administer the injection without him even noticing... the child even asked if we had really done it. When I told him "yes," he got the biggest smile on his face! It reminded me we can all overcome fears if we have enough support."

Candace joined our practice in September of 2007 after completing the Dental Assisting II program at AB Tech Community College. Her warm and compassionate approach has been critical to the success of our practice. Candace has accompanied Dr. Rodriguez and other members of the team at various free dental clinics around the area on the weekends in order to serve some of the area’s neediest residents. Candace enjoys spending time with her husband David, her two dogs Maggie and Axel, her family and friends as well as gardening on the family farm and hanging out at the lake.

Dayna, Dental HygienistDayna, Dental Hygienist

"I love the feeling that I have helped others. The people I come in contact with every day, both patients and staff from this practice, are so wonderful and caring.

I have so many memorable moments working as a Dental Hygienist. I often get hugs from grateful patients. I will always remember one long-time patient who hand-crafted a beautiful mahogany cradle for my first child. I am also blessed to have been a part of two mission trips to Belize where I was able to offer oral hygiene instruction and fluoride treatments to children in need."

Dayna brought almost twenty years of experience to our practice when she joined us in 2002. Her wide range of dental experiences is essential to our practice in dealing with patients in different dental situations. She graduated in 1984 from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Dental Hygiene. When not at our practice, she enjoys spending time with George, her husband of 23 years, and her children John, 18, and Callie, 13. She also loves to spend time outdoors, reading, and cooking.

Debi, Dental HygienistDebi, Dental Hygienist

"I work with a wonderful staff! I love being able to provide quality care and service to people that they can really appreciate.

Sometimes a patient may be apprehensive about visiting the dentist. I tell them it will be ok! My goal is to make their visit as comfortable and pleasant as possible. I want my patients to leave their appointment feeling like it was the best care they have ever received."

After obtaining her Dental Hygiene degree from AB Tech, Debi began her career in the dental arts in 1997 and she joined our team in 1999. Her friendly and helpful nature made her the perfect fit for our practice. Debi is loved and appreciated in the office for her infectious laughter as well as the delicious tomato pies she brings in to share! In her spare time, she likes to garden, make crafts, read and take long road trips in her car or on her motorcycle.

Jessica, Dental AssisstantJessica, Dental Assisstant

"What I enjoy most about this practice is everyone I work with and how we really care about our patients. I try to do everything I can to make them as comfortable as possible and let them know I will take good care of them.

For me, doing lots of esthetic work is the most rewarding because I love seeing the happiness on patients’ smiling faces afterwards!"

Jessica began her dental career in 2008 after graduating from AB Tech with a degree in Dental Assisting II. She has been caring for patients at our practice since 2008 and quickly established herself as a valuable member of our team. Jessica has accompanied Dr. Rodriguez and other members of the team at various free dental clinics around the area on the weekends in order to serve some of the area’s neediest residents. After work hours, Jessica has taken Pilates classes with co-workers Barbara and Amy. When not at the office making patients feel welcome, Jessica spends her time with fiancée of seven years, Martin Jimenez, and their four-year-old daughter Kairi. Together with her family, Jessica loves spending time outdoors, rock climbing, watching movies and just "having fun".

alicia rodriguez dds

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